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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We provide a wide array of services from exterior drainage systems, to complete home waterproofing services, foundation repair, retaining walls excavation and so much more. Your home is as important to us as it is to you so trust in our professionals to keep your castle safe.

Retaining Walls

Daft Landscaping and constructions has the most professional as well as expert retaining wall builders to assist layout and also perform the optimal retaining wall for your property. Let's take a look at all of your options!

When you are deciding on your retaining wall, you’ll work with our professionals to choose and also combine alternatives consisting of style, product, form, precaution, aesthetic, as well as extra. With Daft landscaping and construction, your preferences and demands are top concerns for our team.

Retaining Walls

Hardscaping is an extremely fundamental part of your landscaping style, and also retaining wall surfaces are really important not just for appearance and also capability of your landscape design, but additionally for safety and security. Retaining wall surfaces make it possible to turn your landscape into what you’ve constantly dreamed it to be, and also the bright side is that you have lots of alternatives when it pertains to developing as well as choosing your retaining wall.


Exterior French Drain

A French Drain is normally put in at the lowest point of your yard to ensure it captures and redirects water. 
However, a drain system can be installed elsewhere if the troublesome water is not located at the lowest spot in a yard. The drain tile system will have a drain port positioned so it will not allow the water to flow back towards your home, foundation or basement.

Excavation Services

Digging and excavating in your backyard is not something that amateurs should do. Daft Landscape Construction & Waterproofing Solutions has  a deep understanding of building code requirements and safety guidelines. We are available for 24/7 emergency excavating services to help you restore your property. Our residential excavating team can fix storm damage, inadequate drainage, and more.


Foundation Waterproofing

Landscape Construction and Waterproofing Solutions offer a wide variety of waterproofing options, along with exterior French drains, we offer below grade foundation waterproofing as well as interior  French drains or perimeter drainage systems with sump pump installation


Foundation Waterproofing

There are countless ways to use the vast, open space of a clean and waterproofed basement. Some people opt for a state of the art home theater and others make it into a great place area for the kids once your basement is waterproofed, the possibilities are endless.

Below-grade waterproofing membranes protect your underground spaces from the abundant groundwater.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is the analysis, planning, and design of exterior living spaces. Landscape design today integrates a wide variety of elements to achieve functional and beautiful spaces for outdoor living.

When you choose Daft Landscaping, you can look forward to peace of mind for years to come. We help you save time, money, and add value to your home.


Foundation Repair

We provide a wide range of options from wall anchors, to carbon fiber straps for bowing/shifting or cracking walls or steel beam reinforcement for more severely damaged  foundations, depending on the needs for your foundation repair.


The systems we use have been engineered and designed by top structural engineers, and come with a warranty..

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